Collection of hanging ceramic lamps

"Mila and Fez" is a ceramic lamps collection for the New Yorker firm Canvas . They are made in several colors (white, light blue, navy blue and beige) and present a retro look of the most stylized. They have a long cable that allows them to hang from the ceiling anywhere in the house, although we can also place them in other places without needing to hang in the air, placing their protective screen and using it as a table lamp.

Lamps Mila and Fez 1

The oval shape of the "Mila" lamps make these objects unique and very characteristic complements. On the contrary, "Fez" lamps are more like small cups without a handle. We can place both models alone or group several, creating ingenious ways to illuminate the house.

Lamps Mila and Fez 2

Lamps Mila and Fez 3

We can also hang them at different heights, creating avant-garde effects to illuminate, for example, dining rooms, kitchens, large tables, porches or terraces. The simple but at the same time worked design of these accessories get them to adapt to different styles, creating in all of them a very personal universe.

Lamps Mila and Fez 4

Finally, we can tell you that these hanging lamps have a price that ranges between 100 and 200 dollars, a cost that is marked by its status as design objects.

Lamps Mila and Fez 5

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