Coffee tables in minimalist style

Minimalism is associated with the most contemporary and avant-garde spaces, since these styles try to synthesize the interior decoration as much as possible. What is sought is to create a visual comfort effect through minimal expression, relying on more exclusive materials and designs.

Minimalist coffee tables 01

These coffee table of minimalist cut are a good example of this that we speak. They present a minimum surface, generally with few forms or details, but the materials used are of the highest quality. Smooth surfaces, lacquered, carved or bathed in some unique material are some of its best guarantees.

Minimalist coffee tables 04

Minimalist coffee tables 02

Minimalist coffee tables 04

Glass and wood are two basic components, but so can marble, granite, gold, steel or methacrylate. The fundamental thing is that these furniture are hardly recreated in the ornamentative details and at most they are of one or two colors, usually in white, black or brown. The expressive simplicity reveals its ultramodern nature.

Minimalist coffee tables 05

Minimalist coffee tables 06

To these tables you can add some other piece to decorate, especially figures, ceramics or ornaments in metal to add greater expressive richness.

Minimalist coffee tables 07


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