Coffee table with recycled objects and materials

The coffee tables are an essential element in any living room or living room, whatever they want to call that meeting and relationship space. How many things will not have been told around a coffee table! confidences, secrets, declarations of love and any other that can occur to us, also sad and painful. But let's leave this sentimental mess and go to what interests us, the decoration.

Coffee tables 1

We have gathered what we consider a very good selection of coffee tables made with recycled materials or reusing old wooden objects as coffee tables. We love all this movement of recycling, reuse and recovery because, in addition to being current trend, it is a beautiful way to help our punished planet in a very simple way.

Coffee tables 2

Coffee tables 3

Coffee tables 4

You can make coffee tables with any recovered wood, take advantage of an old wooden table, of any size because we can trim the legs; a wooden box with all its traveler flavor or the already institutionalized pallet with wheels.

Coffee tables 5

Coffee tables 6

Coffee tables 7

There are many ways you can see to personalize a coffee table, we can leave them untreated to show the charm and the special color that the wood acquires over time or decorate it at will. We can also build them with reclaimed wood, following our own design.

Coffee tables 8

Coffee tables 9

Coffee tables 10

The old wood, hardened by weather and inclemency has a story to tell and we must listen to it. Yes, of course it is a risky bet but maybe it does not cost so much to try it, do not you think? The possibilities that are open to us are endless, from the most risky to the most conservative, everything depends on us.

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