Coatings for kitchens

Nowadays cooking is not only seen as a space for cooking, but also as a place to receive friends and family. This environment has to be cheerful and reflect the personal taste of the family members. The coating for the kitchen most used in decoration projects is the tile , although in the market there are other options such as mosaics, bricks, marble, wood, porcelain and stones, among others. Although the tile is preferred for the kitchen, it is possible to create an incredible effect in the decoration with these other models.

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The kitchen is an environment that demands greater protection because it has regions that get dirty, get wet and come into contact with the fire. Therefore, it is necessary to choose coatings that guarantee practicality, safety, functionality and greater durability in construction.

Wall covering for the kitchen

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Wall coverings can create a more contemporary environment . Place the tiles behind the kitchen and sink to protect the wall from water and dirt. Being a small space is an excellent option to highlight that wall.

However, the kitchen lining can be used on all walls , expanding the possibilities of decoration. But, it is not advisable to cover all the walls with the same material. It is good to mix and place adhesives, panels, paints and wallpaper in drier areas.

Coating for the kitchen floor

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The kitchen is an environment with a lot of movement and is exposed to dirt, grease, food and water, so the choice of a safe floor is more than necessary. The ideal is not to choose a slippery floor. Among porcelain, satin is more appropriate than polished and shiny.

Another option is those that imitate wood, and that have all their visual characteristics, but without needing so many care. Learn more about how to choose the kitchen floor .

Coating for the kitchen countertop

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For this place, choose a resistant material, for being a cooking space and for being in direct contact with water, hot pots and heavy objects. Marble and granite are the most common for this area, although stainless steel is setting trends .

To maintain balance, it is essential that all coatings combine. Create contrasts of colors or invest in colorful tiles with a more classic floor.

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