Clothing store with graphic decoration

This clothing store designed by architect and designer Luigi Valente is located in Venafro, Italy. The decoration is based on the polished cement that covers the floor and the walls. And a series of graphic lines formed by neon tubes that cut and illuminate the ceiling. The white supports arranged in the concrete wall are confused with the fluorescents of the ceiling, they mark in a very graphic way the distribution of the clothes.

Clothing store with industrial design 1

It is a clean space, with clear industrial reminiscence. Soils and walls made of micro cement and polished cement are a very current trend. In this case they are a good showcase for the modern and informal clothing sold in this store. The written word, usually using vinyl, is another trend that fits perfectly into this environment.

Clothing store with industrial design 2

Clothing store with industrial design 3

The large shelves, with large cubicles and profusely lit, create very attractive niches where the pieces of clothing stand out. Straight lines that lead and accompany us from the entrance of the store. A space that looks like a black and white environment, so vintage that there is still no place for color.

Clothing store with industrial design 4

Clothing store with industrial design 5

The combination of materials such as polished cement and neon tubes can be moved to other environments, even a modern house would look great with something similar to the decoration of this store. Shelves illuminated as windows through which the sun enters in torrents is also a good idea that could be applied in a house. Also the walls and the floor in the same color to create a continuous, uniformed environment, on which to paint with the decorative accessories is an idea that can be transferred to other circumstances.

Clothing store with industrial design 6

Clothing store with industrial design 7


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