Closet or dressing room, what's the best? (Part II)

In a dressing room, the doors do not make much sense, since the objective of this space is that you can easily and comfortably access everything that is inside. One of the advantages of the dressing room is that you can have all the clothes in sight. This is to be careful, since this type of wardrobe requires a certain order and prolixity, since there are no doors to disguise the chaos.


If instead you choose the wardrobe / closet with doors, you can choose those that open wide, sliding or folding. Of diverse materials, all fulfill a double function: to protect the clothes from the dust suspended in the air and to give a decorative touch to the environment. In a modern house you can not miss the tinted glass doors. If it is required to enlarge the room, it is better to opt for the mirrors. There are also wooden ones, which can be painted in different colors. Those covered in upholstery fabric are very decorative and offer the possibility of combining genres with bedspreads.
When choosing the materials, as we always say, it is better to choose those of quality, since they give it a strong structure so that it does not arch. They can be built with agglomerates, MDF, melanin and wood veneers.
The accessories mark the personality of the wardrobe and facilitate the organization of the garments. At the time of choosing them, they will count the garments to keep and the quantity of them. The drawers can have multiple uses. If they are destined for the shirts, they should not be too deep, since they will find the clothes difficult, and in the search the others will be wrinkled.


The space destined for the shoes must be made with inclined shelves and a place of easy access. The ideal would be to see all the shoes at a glance.
The tiltable barrales serve for the placards very high. The placement of this complement allows you to take advantage of the space one hundred percent. The shirts also have their place: the shirtmakers. If these have the glazed front it is ideal to keep the clothes ironed and ready to be used.


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