Closet: how to see it according to your wishes ..

We always complain that we lack space. However, sometimes with organization you get the space you need. Here is the guide you need.


To start, the first thing you have to do is empty it completely. Then, you should review each item, and get rid of everything you do not wear. Once you have selected everything, you must organize things by categories. The same must be done with shoes and accessories. As with the rest of the furniture, it is convenient to group the objects according to their practical use and give them their own space.
To organize the interior, apart from the shelves and drawers, now there are thousands of opcones to optimize the space and maintain order.
  • Baskets and baskets: There are different shapes and colors. The materials you can choose according to the money you choose and the utility they will give you is priceless. With them you will organize big things like sweaters, shirts and things like that.
  • Chests of drawers: They help you organize all kinds of garments, since there are different sizes and models. The most practical and economical are cardboard, which you will only get in large stores for the home.
  • Folding hooks: It is a type of tube that is held in the bar with two hooks, and has several holes where the conventional hooks are hung. After hanging the clothes, you release one of the hooks and so you have five or six things hung in spaces that would occupy only one. It is a good option for light garments.
  • Zapateras: You can get them from all prices, materials and sizes. You also have the option to send it to be done.
  • Multiple shelves: There is nothing better to organize sweaters and shirts than multiple shelves. By having a garment each, with a single glance you can identify the garments. This type of shelves prevent clothes from becoming wrinkled or worn out.


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