Clocks in decoration

Far from being mere instruments to know the time, watches offer a wide range of possibilities at the moment of decorate the walls of a house.

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The long tradition in the manufacture and design of watches makes that nowadays it is possible to find models of all sizes and shapes, so we will not have problems in finding the most appropriate for the style of our rooms.
Needle clocks are those that provide a more classic look to a space. From the pieces with chimes to the Swiss cuckoos, this type of machinery has the ability to remind us of past times, something that may interest us according to the style of housing we wish to achieve. However, nowadays the designs of the spheres, of the numbers and of the needles have been sofisitized to the point that these watches can suppose a very vanguardist and original elements. Therefore, we can also use them as decorative accessories when we want to create an agile and modern atmosphere in our house.

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Another possibility is the placement of digital clocks. These designs, always modern in appearance, date back to the mid-twentieth century and give spaces a younger and more contemporary character. The traditional spheres are replaced in many occasions by rectangular shapes that agree to combine with the rest of the furniture in the room. The colors and materials offered by these models are also much more varied. Once again, the functionality has been leaving room for aesthetics and decorative possibilities, details that we must take into account when choosing this type of accessories.

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It is not difficult to find attractive watches at affordable prices in the market. Taking into account the ability of these to modify the presence of a space and to become a point of aesthetic interest, the placement of these accessories is a more than recommended investment when we do not know how to treat some of the walls of the house.
In addition, we can consider the placement of a clock with a chime or a table when the dimensions of the room allow it.

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