Clean your bathroom in 5 minutes

Maintaining the bathroom in ideal cleaning conditions is not that difficult. Actually we do not need more than five minutes to have it clean, shiny and with a great smell. Depending on the number of people living in the house, the bathroom must be cleaned more or less frequently. For a normal family it is best to clean it every day, only if one person lives alone or two can the cleaning be spaced every two or three days.

Tips to clean the bathroom 1

With this routine of cleaning maintained with the frequency that we have suggested you will have the bathroom always in perfect conditions. So you can get Alka-Seltzer or another effervescent antacid, disinfectant wipes, window cleaners, a microfiber cloth and a brush and throws to the cleaning sweep.

Minute 1: Take two tablets of Alka-Seltzer or effervescent antacid in the toilet and let it work. This traditional pharmaceutical presentation used to combat heartburn for many years can help you keep your toilet clean, fresh and free from bad odors. Remove the dirty towels and leave them for a moment in a corner. Collect the objects that are usually left in any way and anywhere, combs, brushes and others. Take the opportunity to throw away the remains of soap and empty containers.

Minute 2: Moisten the microfiber cloth and put it on a broom, clean the cobwebs from the ceiling and dust from the frame and door with it. Rinse and drain it. With a disinfectant wipe, review the light switch and the soap dish.

Minute 3: Spray glass cleaner in the mirror and clean with the cloth. Also check the surface of the washbasin cabinet. With a disinfectant wipe, clean all the surfaces that we usually touch with our hands, tap, doorknob or door handle and so on.

Minute 4: Grab another washcloth and clean the toilet cistern and control. Then continue with the lid and the other parts of the toilet, use for it all the wipes you need. Brush the inside of the toilet with the brush and pull the chain.

Minute 5: Place the clean towels and wipe a disinfectant wipe in the corners. Drag them to the exit on the floor and empty the bin. You will have your bathroom unscathed in just five minutes.


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