Classical style receivers

After the proposals of receivers with eccentric details of a few days ago, today we present to the most conservative, ideas of classic style . Each of them has its particularities, but without a doubt everyone can find one that they like and that they will try to apply their homes.

Classical style receivers

The receiver It is the first impression of our home, and therefore we must work on it. It is usually one of the last places where we deal with the decor , but in doing so we must take care of each one of the details that we are going to put in it.
In the first case, we see the main idea was to give color with each of the furniture and details that were placed as both floors and walls are fully white. The turquoise armchair, together with the yellow and gray paintings and decorations and the natural flowers are a very good detail.

Classical style receivers

Classical style receivers - Proposal 02

The second case, a mixture of styles in their furniture and oriental oriental ornaments brought from a trip to remember.

Classic style receivers 1

Classical style receivers - Proposal 03

Here the color blue is the protagonist, next to a restored chair painted in the same color and reupholstered in tone.

Classical style 2 receivers

Classical style receivers - Proposal 04

Total and fully classic, simple and with period accessories.

Classical style 3 receivers

Classical style receivers - Proposal 05

The armchair, the table and the small wooden table, the three main details that give it style.

Classical style 4 receivers

Classical style receivers - Proposal 06

Vases style, natural flowers and a mirror. Ideal ...

Classic style receivers 5

Classical style receivers - Proposal 07

A different hall. On both sides, the decoration has been replicated as a mirror. One for arrival and one for departure. The mirrors are also double, a simple model in front of the natural plants and one in the form of a star on the previous one.

Classical Style Hall 6

Classical style receivers - Proposal 08

As in other proposals, the flowers and natural plants take all the looks, on a small table with a delicate blanket.

Classic style receivers 7

Classical style receivers - Proposal 09

Mix of textures and colors next to natural plants.

Classical Style Hall 8

Classical style receivers - Proposal 10

A classic hall that introduces the living room and dining room, all in a classic and elegant style.

Classic style receivers 9

Classic style receivers - Proposal 11

Keeping the classic style, but a little more daring. The striped wallpaper, the vase on the table and the sculpture under it capture all the attention.

Classic style receivers 10

Classical Style Hallways - Proposition 12

The mirror, the armchair and the chest of drawers, simply beautiful.

Classical Style Entrances 11

Classical style receivers - Proposal 13

The details in pink give life to this hall.

Classical Style Hall 12

Classical style receivers - Proposal 14

A predominantly oriental style with some different details like the barrel for the umbrellas and canes.

Classical Style Hall 13

Classic Style Hallways - Proposition 15

The similar wood porcellanato gives the brightness and elegance and the details in white and black complete it.

Classical Style Hall 14

Classic Style Hallways - Proposition 16

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