Circular windows: challenging conventions

Something as significant as a window can add charm to the home simply by its own geometry. Almost always rectangular or square, the windows usually go unnoticed unless we take care to add some attractiveness that makes them more fascinating to look at.

Circular windows 1

But sometimes it is not necessary to decorate without more, but to change the way in which an object appears before our eyes, breaking conventions. It is the case of these beautiful circular windows, whose shape, little extended in modern and urban houses, completely transforms the interior landscape of the home.

Circular windows 2

Circular windows 3

The charm of these windows lies in their own architecture, reminding us of the skylights of a ship, the windows of a barn or the rosettes of a cathedral. Things that do not seem very common in the homes of our current cities, for that reason they are much more curious and attractive, with a special charm.

Circular windows 4

Circular windows 5

They are windows that appear hidden behind a curtain in an attic or attic, but that can also be the main source of light and air in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Extravagant, romantic and, above all, timeless, these windows are discovered as a new way of conceiving the architecture of our contemporary homes.

Circular windows 6


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