Christmas with style in a house in Barcelona

Christmas occupies only a small portion of time in our daily life and is for that life for which we decorate our home with all possible care. And when someone manages to have a house like the one we show you, he might think that he will not destroy that elaborate decoration by placing horrible Christmas decorations. Of course not, but the Christmas decoration can also be elegant.

Christmas 1

And as a sample we bring you this family home located in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain. The house decorated in neutral tones and modern style tolerates perfectly this decoration that its owners have arranged to celebrate the holidays with their family.

Christmas 2

Children are the crucial element to get into a mess like this, Christmas without children is like decaffeinated coffee, it tastes similar but it is not the same.

Christmas 3

Here we see in detail the Christmas decoration, as you can see is based on traditional colors but using a variety of objects. From simple decorative details to boxes decorated as gifts but always maintaining the classic color palette.

Christmas 4

But there is no lack of modern details such as letters and decorated spheres, wicker baskets and coniferous branches at will, the natural elements always help to create a more relaxed atmosphere even in a Christmas decoration.

Christmas 5

Christmas 6

The decoration of the table follows the general trend and the traditional colors, red and green, predominate. The modern touch is given by the pyramid of cupcakes made in the same tones and the profusion of plants used as labels and present for the guests.

Christmas 7

Christmas 8

Small details scattered throughout the house to create a homogeneous set, Christmas reaches every corner of the home.

Christmas 9

Christmas 10

Breakfasts and snacks also have a place at Christmas. Cookies with typically Christmas shapes and red and white crockery that we can use all year round.

Christmas 11

Christmas 12

Christmas 13

Christmas 14

Christmas 15

Even the bedrooms have their Christmas touch, especially the children's so that the little ones can thoroughly enjoy the Christmas spirit, but neither has the Christmas decoration been forgotten in the parents' bedroom.


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