Christmas tree decoration guide

The Christmas tree it is clearly the star protagonist of modern Christmas. Therefore, we must have clear general concepts to make this decorative element , something elegant and distinctive.
The first step is to decide if we want our tree be natural or artificial .
  • You should measure the hole you have for the tree.
  • If you have chosen a natural tree , you have to choose one whose base does not exceed the size of the corner in which you want to place it. Once measured, what you should notice is the color of its leaves, which should be green and not toasted. I also advise you to move it to check that the sheets are not loose, if so discard it. It must be taken into account that the tree should be in a pot, with fertilizer and that it should be watered with plenty of water, since the newly cut trees absorb it very quickly. I know it requires something more sacrifice, so if you are busy life I advise you to discard this option.
  • In the case of having opted for the artificial, the demands are less. You just have to look at the size of your base, which should not exceed the measurements of your corner.

Once we are with our already prepared tree, we begin with the decorating process.

  • Surely you have some ornament from other years, do not forget to take them out, because maybe you use them.
  • If there are not many ornaments and your tree will be poor, you can always create yourselves with a little imagination. As for example with corks and glitter or boxes of matches wrapped in wrapping paper that we over.
  • One of the big mistakes that are usually made when placing the ornaments, is to place them all on the tips of the branches, something that gives little depth and impoverishes our design. So you know, balance in the ornaments. Some inside and others at the tips.
  • The colors are another source of error, the tree is a good place to put colorful and bright colors. But be careful with the excess of brightness and strident colors or you will make your tree not elegant at all.
  • Another good idea is to keep in mind that the beauty of the Christmas tree is that we have a natural look. Therefore, do not overload it too much.
  • You can also use materials such as snow or tinsel, but everything in its right measure and colors that match our house.
  • Regarding the subject of lights yes or lights not. I usually position myself in favor of no, but there are trees with really nice lights, therefore that is in your opinion. But be careful with poor quality lights to avoid accidents.
  • Finally, we would only have to place the star, which will give the last touch to our tree. So when it comes to choosing it, we recommend something simple and colorful, like the star in soft silver gray tones of the photo.

With this guide you will make your tree a distinctive element in your homes.

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