Christmas lights to decorate your home at parties

Tomorrow we will begin to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Many will meet with the closest family and friends and surely have the menu ready. The Christmas tree is ready and only needs to finalize details ... but what do you think adding some more details to the decoration taking advantage of the Christmas lights ??? They do not have to be left just for the Christmas tree! With them we can make virtually any type of decoration and we can use our imagination and taste for decoration to make novelty details in our home.

Christmas lights 1

Today's proposal is to show you a few proposals to take advantage of the Christmas lights inside and outside our home . They can see that they can use them even in the room and give the decoration a beautiful and delicate detail. Take note of these ideas !!!

In the first proposal have been used to place them inside 3D figures, giving them life and luminosity to the space in which they are placed.

Christmas lights 10

Here we can see them decorating the mirror frame of a room.

Christmas lights 11

They can also be a decorative accessory near the Christmas table.

Christmas lights 12

In our room they will look beautiful! They can go in the headboard, the windows or in the entrance door.

Christmas lights 13

They are also a classic to decorate the entrances in homes.

Christmas lights 14

Inside, we can use them to decorate our windows adding them to the curtains.

Christmas lights 15

More shapes or Christmas figures decorated with lights, a detail for any corner of our home.

Christmas lights 2

On the fireplace, for those who have, to complement and make the decoration look.

Christmas lights 3

A Christmas tree with lights for the outside.

Christmas lights 4

Inside jars, jars and other utensils are a perfect accessory for any space or surface.

Christmas lights 5

Use them as guirnarlas! You can prepare small paper sconces to give them a new design.

Christmas lights 6

They can be the perfect complement for less traditional Christmas decorations, as is the example of superior photography.

Christmas lights 7

A "sky" of lights in the corridor towards the interior of our home.

Christmas lights 8

If you have old cages that you no longer use, you can place the lights inside and you will have a new original decorative complement.

Christmas lights 9

This entry into the home was simply beautiful with the detail of the Christmas lights ...

Go ahead and decorate your home with the lights!

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