Christmas interior decoration with lights

Although the lights are a decorative element of Christmas that is normally used to decorate the tree or the exterior of the house they can also be a magnificent interior decoration. Then you can see different and imaginative solutions so you can create a beautiful interior Christmas decoration with lights.


The luminous garlands can transform a simple dry branch into a beautiful Christmas decoration. LED lights consume very little electricity and are perfect for this task.


To decorate the windows are an ideal solution, very attractive and visible from the outside. In addition we can find a huge variety of garlands of lights with different styles and shapes.


Any garland is enhanced its appeal when we add garlands of lights. A great solution to decorate the stair railing.


The signs gain in brightness and color when we complement them with luminous garlands. A great job that we can do ourselves.


A flashlight or any transparent glass container is fantastic when we place small LED lights inside it.



Small or large, almost invisible or on the contrary very visible. The options are endless and will allow us to make a great variety of decorations.


Garlands of shapes, stars, angels or any other reason related to Christmas become by themselves a complete Christmas decoration.



Even the simplest decorations are magnified when we add a few luminous garlands.


This original decoration is based simply on an old wooden staircase with luminous garlands shaped like snow stars. With some simple ornaments, spheres, seashells and dry branches this original Christmas decoration has just been finished off.


To frame this step, a green garland, a strip of tulle and a garland of lights have been used. Striking decoration of classic cut that we can place in the living or dining area.


Another example of a sign that with some lights sees exponentially increase its attractiveness and decorative capacity.


This transparent container filled with Christmas spheres and garlands of lights can be installed in any corner or on a piece of furniture and will give a bright touch of great impact to the Christmas decoration of any room in the house.


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