Christmas in red and green

Ideas to decorate our home at Christmas in red and green. The classic colors along with the gold and white.
The green and red are always elegant and are the colors that most find in nature. That is why we can use this to decorate.
Entrances, windows, chimneys, tables, stairs ... .all we can decorate with a touch of red and green.


This entrance has continued with the color of its plants placed in the hall and has combined them with garlands and a beautiful Christmas decoration for the door, all made with branches of plants found in the garden. A combination for other attractive and economic.


In this entry, however, a simple house in which pots were combined in the windows with green leafy plants and red ribbons with sconces on the windows of the window in red. Simple, but with Christmas touch and unique home.


Once inside the house, we can decorate the windows, also using vegetation from our garden. The contrast of this with the wall paint is interesting and very attractive to the eye. Also some Christmas pinecones and spheres have been added in the range of green and yellow. Without a doubt, it is a decoration to imitate at home.


In this fireplace the green color predominates, but always starting from the vegetation, from the natural green that gives us that distinctive touch in the decoration. However, a different detail has been added to the rest of the decorations and it is artificial snow to give that snowy touch of winter that is so common in those countries where Christmas is currently celebrated in the coldest season of the year.


And for that corner in the dining room where you can have drinks, drinks and napkins for your guests you can also decorate it following the same style as in the rest of your home. Multiple crowns made only with pine branches and red bows. To fall in love…


Let's not forget the ladder. That space that we often forget and take for dead in our decoration, can also become the protagonist of your home. Always following the slogan of the decoration in red and green to this staircase they made the just decoration combining garlands and crowns in both tones.



And finally, the space in which the main meal of New Year's Eve and Christmas takes place, the table. There you can give a few simple touches, also based on the proposed colors without spending a lot of money. For this occasion, chandeliers that were already in the house were combined with leaves of the garden vegetation and white candles; and in the other the red color was taken as the main one. A vegetable sponge, natural red flowers and a main candle were placed on small plates in the house. Do not you think they were perfect for these Christmas tables ???
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