Christmas in red

The Red color is, next to green and white, one of the three main colors of the Christmas . It is present in the flowers of Easter and in the dress of Santa Claus / Santa Claus. But it also symbolizes love, passion and strength. It is a primary color and one of those tones that, when decorating, never go unnoticed, because it prints warmth and good vibrations to our home.

Christmas decoration in red 1

We can find the Red in the typical sweets of these dates, in the candles, in the gift wrapping ribbons, in the socks on the fireplace, in the balls that decorate the fir and even in the interior of the glasses of the table, when we serve a good wine red to accompany the meals of these days.

Christmas decoration in red 2

Christmas decoration in red 3

If you are thinking about doing some decorative decorations with your own hands, buy a lot of red paper! Contrast it with more neutral and soft colors and you will see what is good. You can make magnificent garlands of stars and bells in red and white. The living room and the stairs can be the ideal places to shelter hanging lanterns. And the table can look great with a red tablecloth and flower arrangements of this color.

Christmas decoration in red 5

Combining the color red is easy, it fits well with virtually all others. Try especially to join red with white, red with green, red with silver tones and red with transparent ... red always, but in small doses, to avoid saturating our eyes.

Christmas decoration in red 6

What has the red that we like so much?

Christmas decoration in red 7

Christmas decoration in red 8


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