Christmas ideas for small spaces - Part Two

A few days ago we presented the first part of this collection of ideas to decorate our home with the beautiful Christmas details no matter that we have little space. We should not deprive ourselves of adding those decorative details that we like so much, nor of having a Christmas tree even when we do not have space available. Today we suggest you take a look at the second part of the collection of Christmas ideas . You will find all kinds of proposals, simpler to more complex, but always with the central idea of ​​occupying little space.

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In this opportunity we bring you 20 new ideas ... to enjoy them and be inspired by them!

Idea 21: you have racks in your home or in the hall ... why not decorate them? You can take advantage of them by hanging themed items such as bells, crowns, typical ornaments or a beautiful Christmas scarf.


Idea 22: you can decorate the chairs of your dining room with simple and quick Christmas details to make. You can tie pineapples with colored ribbons taking into account the range of colors you have in the rest of the home decoration.


Idea 23: build a small village typical small houses and small wrapped boxes for a gift. You put it on a tray and add it to any small table you have in your home.


Ideas 24: take advantage of a wall without decoration, look for dry branches, some decorations and some lights and build a rustic Christmas tree on the wall.


Idea 25: Another alternative for the Christmas tree is to use a door and assemble it with colored balls and lights. Remember to use strong painter's tape so as not to damage the paint.


Idea 26: use to buy Christmas pillowcases and pillows in stores and decorate them with your entire home.


Idea 27: Another DIY idea is to prepare some liners for books with typical motifs. A good material to do it is felt or design paper.


Idea 28: a different Christmas tree with the love of your whole family. Make a small tree with the favorite pictures of the childhood of all your loved ones.


Idea 29: lights, duct tape and a few Christmas balls will suffice to have a tree as colorful as this one.


Idea 30: if you have a wall with slate paint at home you can take advantage of it with this simple idea. Build a tree with a garland of lights and draw the rest on the board.


Idea 31: decorate spaces on the wall with small garlands with Christmas objects and some natural details of typical Christmas plants.


Idea 32: prepare small Christmas wreaths with coniferous or aromatic branches such as rosemary and decorate your home with them.


Idea 33: take advantage of the space next to the windows of your home to add small decorative Christmas accessories.


Idea 34: if you are one of those people who like decorative plates on the walls, add some of them with Christmas motifs.


Idea 35: you can buy decorative lamps with Christmas decorations or trees and decorate your home with them. Take advantage of the washi tape to stick them.


Idea 36: another DIY idea super charming ... a tree of lights on the wall and all the gifts at your feet.


Idea 37: decorates the dressers of the kitchen and dining room with beautiful Christmas dinnerware.


Idea 38: change the curtains in the kitchen and add some with Christmas motifs. A good idea is to use typical aprons like curtains.


Idea 39: hang simple ornaments with shelves ribbons and storage spaces.


Idea 40: take advantage of the mirrors to hang Christmas decorations like crowns or garlands and increase your reflection.


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