Christmas ideas for small spaces - First Part

Having little space in our home does not mean that we should deprive ourselves of having a nice Christmas decoration. While it is true that we can not opt ​​for those great and spectacular Christmas trees, there are intelligent and simple solutions for Christmas decoration even in minimal spaces. We can create designs and non-traditional trees that are fixed to the wall or a door at home, or add branches to a vase and decorate them like a Christmas tree. We can also hang hanging ornaments from the ceiling, take advantage of frames and add traditional ornaments, reuse and redecorate mirrors with Christmas motifs ... The possibilities are endless and we can use all available centimeters whether they are furniture, walls, ceilings, windows and window frames. .

Christmas ideas 1

In this compilation of Christmas proposals for small spaces you will find a wide variety of ideas that will help you to decorate your home in an easy and original way. Today we will present you the first part, with 20 ideas ... we begin?

Idea 1: Decorate your windows with a color painted frame and add ribbons and Christmas decorations. You will always enjoy the decoration every time you look out the window.

Christmas ideas 2

Idea 2: if you have stairs, do not hesitate to take advantage of the space next to them. Place a small table, a Christmas tree with some decorations and other small decorative accessories. The final result will be beautiful!

Christmas ideas 3

Idea 3: take advantage of the corners and corners that you touch in your home, including the space next to the entrance door. You place a small tree, with small ornaments and without lights. It will look wonderful.

Christmas ideas 4

Idea 4: if you do not have a tree you can cut some branches of a conifer, place them in large vases and add some ornaments. They will be the perfect tree for any stay at home.

Christmas ideas 5

Idea 5: Create a tree on the wall, trace its design with chalks or Washi tapes, place ornaments and lights and complete the decoration with empty wrapped boxes for gifts.

Christmas ideas 6

Idea 6: prepare a Christmas tree with design papers, place them on a tray and decorate the coffee table in the living room with them.

Christmas ideas 7

Idea 7: place natural or artificial frames to openings in the home. They will allow you to save space and give a nice cozy touch to the rooms.

Christmas ideas 8

Idea 8: if you have solid colors on the walls of the room, use them as a blank canvas to decorate. A good idea is to decorate it with Christmas wreaths.

Christmas ideas 9

Idea 9: You can buy a tree drink instead of the whole tree and add your favorite decorations. Under it you can go placing the Christmas gifts or place wrapped boxes to complete the decoration.

Christmas ideas 10

Idea 10: add an advent calendar to a space in the house. The little ones and other people in the house will be delighted with the daily surprises!

Christmas ideas 11

Idea 11: adds decorative accents to the furniture. If you have an open lamp you can fill it with colorful ornaments and add small colored boxes.

Christmas ideas 12

Idea 12: if you have your tree armed in a range of colors, make the gifts are wrapped in contrasting colors. All the presentation will be the focal point of the stay and you will not need to add more decorative accessories.

Christmas ideas 13

Idea 13: take advantage of your entrance. Add garlands, cushions and socks to the entrance to your home.

Christmas ideas 14

Idea 14: take advantage of the stair rails. Add DIY garlands and lights and you can fix them with seals that you will only have to cut.

Christmas ideas 15

Idea 15: if you do not have space, use a small part of a wall to create a nice Christmas collage with photos of your loved ones, Christmas motifs and small natural arrangements.

Christmas ideas 16

Idea 16: DIY paper tree and guirnladas on a wall of the house. You can complement with a picture or small natural tree without decoration.

Christmas ideas 17

Idea 17: look for branches in your garden, put them in a pot, cover their base of moss and add ornaments of non-traditional colors such as blue or pink and some garlands. You can place it in corners or on the table to accompany the decoration.

Christmas ideas 18

Idea 18: prepare a large Christmas wreath with a good amount of Christmas balls and hang it from a dresser in the dining room.

Christmas ideas 19

Idea 19: take advantage of the furniture in the living room to decorate them with garlands and Christmas figures.

Christmas ideas 20

Idea 20: prepare a Star of David with dry branches, add lights and you can hang it from a lamp or the ceiling.

Christmas ideas 21

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