Christmas: fun trees

Have not you ever heard that the rules are there to skip them? Many people do not like the typical colors of the Christmas decoration or they like the more vivid colorsâ € | or simply look for a more striking change, which stands out among the restâ ?? |

There may be a thousand reasons why you choose a decor alternative, full of color, which is thought, above all, for the youngest or, why not, the decoration of the space of the little ones, who see the beautiful in the most striking colors.

Christmas trees 1

The pink, favorite of girls. A blank tree in which the big pink balls are combined with magenta, blue, green and multicolored together with some stuffed toy dolls. As you can see, it looks great in a pink girl's room.

This tropical effect, which create the mixture of lime green and blue on a white-silver background, is a very cool combination. Without a doubt, the green feathers animate the composition and give it a personal touch that looks fantastic!

Christmas trees 2

What do these pompous trees look like? Unleash your imagination, you will be surprised at the results obtained by mixing tape, cloth and little else.

Christmas trees 3

Simplicity in full color! With three small trees and a few ornamental fish the explosive combination of color makes the rest.

Christmas trees 4

Do not put limits on the color, play with them: blue, green, pink, gold, white .... It may look great, as you can see.

Christmas trees 5

Finally, with a spongy base of nuclear white covered by ornamentation balls that follow the chromatic order of color, creating a magnificent rainbow effect.

Christmas trees 6

Happy and Colorful Festivities!

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