Christmas full of light

In these magical dates the lights acquire the maximum prominence, dressing our streets and homes. Many times it is an odyssey to illuminate our house in a different way to other years or maintaining a nice and tasteful effect .... These keys will serve to cover your needs in a simple way.

Christmas full of light

To begin with, we have these simple balls of light. If you do not know where you can find something similar, with a little ingenuity and the help of a thin wire, you can do them to your liking. You just have to give the wire the desired shape and cover it with light wire attached with adhesive tape. As you can see outside, it looks fantastic, but do not hesitate to use it indoors because it will look beautiful anywhere. Unleash your imagination! I also encourage you to try other forms.

Christmas full of light 1

What do you think of a corridor to your door? A few illuminated pillars that culminate in a floral composition placed on both sides are the solution. I can think of many combinations and places where you can use these magnificent creations as for example in a corner of the living room or dining room.

Christmas full of light 2

A classic Christmas lighting is to outline the exterior of our houses with light. Widely used in windows, roofs, porches or the main door. The years go by and this resource is still being used, and that certainly is because it works. In the image combines branches and red ribbon together with the wreath and the flowers of Easter. Classical among the Christmas classics, which can be easily versioned into something more modern, changing the colors, for example.

Christmas full of light 3

You saw the top of the wall or the stairs inside the house and outside the fence, the window ledges or the facade using this idea. The tinsel and the lights are made one in the form of an arch joined by a beautiful bow.

Christmas full of light 4

Perhaps this modern version of the Christmas trees is the ideal choice for the minimalist movement. Create a structure in the form of a prism with wire and wind it with a tube of light.

Christmas full of light 5

Create an appearance of twinkling stars in the night sky with soft, soft lights that cover a tree or shrub. Without a doubt, it creates a beautiful feeling that you will not get tired of seeing on Christmas nights.

Happy Holidays!

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