Christmas fast decorations

Are you very busy and do not have time to decorate your home this Christmas? Well, look through this article and you will find quick ideas to decorate your home this Christmas. You do not need as much time as you think, come in. Once again it is about activating ingenuity, you do not need big expenses or having to start looking for new items, surely with what you have at home you can prepare a nice decoration.

Christmas decoration in a short time 1

With Christmas spheres and some candlesticks You can assemble this attractive Christmas decoration in a few minutes. If you use a color pattern for both the spheres and the chandeliers you will get a simple but elegant Christmas decoration. To keep the spheres in place use wax or removable adhesive mastic.

Christmas decoration in a short time 2

See how easy it is to create a Christmas touch in your usual decoration, decorate your favorite pillows with handkerchiefs or cloth with Christmas motives. Add some bells tied with red ribbon and that's it.

Christmas decoration in a short time 3

Place on a piece of furniture in your home, in the hall or in the living room, a tray to display the holiday greetings what are you receiving? In the background you can put Christmas figures and candles. A beautiful Christmas atmosphere very fast to prepare.

Christmas decoration in a short time 4

The lamps They are our best allies, we can hang from them any Christmas ornament that we have at home. Once again you just have to be consistent with the color palette and know how to choose the right tapes.

Christmas decoration in a short time 5

The curtain rods they offer us another strategic point to hang our ornaments Christmas They will be well visible from both inside and outside. A little adhesive tape on the back of the bar will allow us to hold our ornaments.

Christmas decoration in a short time 6

Simple, fast and effective Christmas decoration. The little houses They have been placed on inverted bowls, a chain of coniferous branches and stars. Few elements but very elegant.

Christmas decoration in a short time 7

A tray, candles, nuts and berries or Christmas spheres red and we assemble in a very short time a warm and endearing decoration to receive our guests.

Christmas decoration in a short time 8

To appeal to the sweetest Christmas we can assemble this simple decoration. A good number of candy canes in any container that we have at hand and a ribbon of red and white fabric will color and bring sweet memories to our home.

Christmas decoration in a short time 9

To mount an elegant centerpiece, we do not need big things either. A punch-bowl decorated with a ribbon with colors alluding to Christmas, a few conifer branches and several candles to give shine and warmth, nothing else is needed to decorate the table these holidays.

Christmas decoration in a short time 10

Do not forget the bathroom , as you see with a few ornaments and some candles you will give Christmas color in a moment.

Christmas decoration in a short time 11

Decorate the windows it's as simple as to cover the chains of lights with tulle . You will get a warmer tone in the lighting and your windows will look beautiful both inside and out.

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