Christmas decorations: 14 fun snowmen

The winter months arrive and the cold and the frosts return with it, but the desire to go out and make funny snowmen also returns. Although we're not going to propose that you do them on the street, but in your own home. 14 fun ways for you to decorate special places with this imperishable symbol of cold and Christmas . We show you how to do snowmen with materials to walk around the house, and to help you in this task we offer you these illustrative images.

Christmas dolls 1

You can use old balls of the Christmas tree to paint them and capture them in this endearing character with black hat, carrot nose, scarf around the neck and buttons for eyes and mouth, although there are many variations that we can create. Use acrylic paints and markers to disguise the Christmas balls as snowmen and shine them on your fir tree.

Christmas dolls 2

Christmas dolls 5

Christmas dolls 11

Christmas dolls 12

A white cushion that you do not use can often be used to unleash your artistic inspiration and make a nice drawing like the one shown below.

Christmas dolls 4

With a few buttons and a little fabric, you will create fun dolls like these. Or you can fill a piece of white cloth with cotton and use ropes to make the body parts of your doll. You can disguise it as Santa Claus, your children will love it. There are as many details and ideas as you can imagine!

Christmas dolls 8

Christmas dolls 9

Christmas dolls 10

Christmas dolls 14

This model is a small bottle painted white and characterized for the occasion. Below we have this cute doll made of mint candy ... to eat it! If you have clay by hand, you can make medallions to hang like those of the last two examples that we show you.

Christmas dolls 3

Christmas dolls 6

Christmas dolls 7

Christmas dolls 13


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