Christmas decoration with retro style

Decorate our house for these upcoming Christmas giving a real retro touch to said decor is the proposal that we present below. Minimalism is fine during the rest of the year but in Christmas What do we want? Basically, I think, remember those Christmases of our childhood. When everything was color and brightness, lights and sounds. When our infantile senses were excited by those sensations so different from everyday life. Why not give a vintage look next Christmas and feel like children again with our children?

Retro Christmas decoration 1

So that the tree looks with a retro look nothing better than filling it with lights and tinsel, gold, silver or in any metallic tone. Although perhaps the most authentic touch is achieved with the silver tinsel. With balls of many and garish colors like those of glass that with hardly any pain endured a Christmas.

Retro Christmas decoration 2

Another indispensable element is to assemble a birth with figures of retro air, surely that if we look for among the relatives of greater age we will find true jewels. This birth, possibly Mexican, is a perfect example of figures recovered from an old trunk.

Retro Christmas decoration 3

Having natural decorations complemented with figures of allusive animals, in this case deer or reindeer, design 50s is an easy and safe option to achieve an excellent result. This will require a visit to the attic or a return to second-hand stores.

Retro Christmas decoration 5

In neighborhood or second-hand stores, as we have said before, we can find wonders like these golden angels. You can find true wonders for very little that will make a difference in our decoration.

Retro Christmas decoration 7

Something more canonical, less kitsch, the example of the superior image with a vintage piece of furniture and the structure of a wooden window with Christmas and retro elements interspersed. It is a more serious, more correct and less crazy option maybe.

Retro Christmas decoration 4

Although the ideal for a fan of retro and vintage would be an example like the one above. An aluminum tree and an illuminated reindeer plus all the other accessories. A delight to the eye.

Retro Christmas decoration 8

Another example of an aluminum tree, a jewel of Christmas decoration in retro style. Charming! Quickly, to shuffle trunks and attics, to kick shops and markets in search of unique pieces for an authentically vintage Christmas.


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