Christmas decoration special of a house in Nordsjælland

Nordsjælland is the largest island in Denmark and that's where this beautiful house is located. It is an old construction dating from 1750 when it was built as a stable to keep the cows of the farm where it is located. Its current owners, a couple with four children reformed and transformed the building to make it their home.

Christmas decoration 1

The Nordic minimalism in its rustic aspect is the style that decorates the whole house. White is the predominant color in both walls and furniture.

Christmas decoration 2

Christmas decoration 3

But also to this house with such a definite style, Christmas has arrived, an inevitable thing with so many children living in it. The Christmas details are integrated into the decorative style of the home and do not break the color palette.

Christmas decoration 4

Natural details in neutral tones, dry branches and pineapples are part of this Christmas decoration so respectful with the decorative style of the house. Glass spheres of vintage style and some symbolic elements such as stars and boots but always in colors that escape from the traditional ones.

Christmas decoration 5

Christmas decoration 6

Christmas decoration 7

Christmas decoration 8

Christmas decoration 9

As you can see the Christmas decoration is reduced to small accents that can almost go unnoticed in the overall decoration.

Christmas decoration 10

The Christmas tree is reduced to this schematic dry branch decorated with spheres that simulate billiard balls. Although being the house where it is and with that extraordinary decoration does not need much Christmas decoration to feel that you are at Christmas. A Nordic stove nestled in the corner as usual, the heat at home, the snow behind the glass, for any of those ingredients make up the best Christmas decoration possible.

Christmas decoration 11

Christmas decoration 12

In addition, just a little further north, the authentic Santa Claus lives. What else can you ask for as a Christmas decoration? To be able to enjoy it personally, maybe.


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