Christmas decoration in the garden

Although it is a typical American tradition, there are more and more households that decide to give life to your garden by decor Christmas . As it happens with the recent customs moved from the USA as Haloween several establishments like Leroy Merlin are encouraged to add among their basic Christmas decoration garden elements that goes beyond the typical garden gnome statue.

Decoration in the garden of On home interior

Christmas decoration in the garden

Present Christmas decoration in the garden
Of course, the characteristics of yard will determine what possibilities of decor exist but as a rule what can not be missing is the Christmas lighting . Taking into account that most citizens who have a house with a garden will not be willing to make it a house of lights, the appropriate thing is to place items such as Christmas candles or light bulbs in strategic places of the garden such as the porch table or on the outside. There are also new luminous ornaments that can be placed on both sides of the path that usually crosses the yard to get to the house.
Among the new temptations are the decorative reindeer although it is still difficult to find them if it is not by importing them in stores as "Mercado Libre". What if it is available in any store where you can buy Christmas decoration for the garden Are the crowns that every Christmas they welcome visitors. You can choose, either, to do them manually, or to buy them in specialized stores as in the online store "Christmas decorations".

It is also possible to give a Christmas decoration to the garden thanks to centerpieces with themes ranging from Santa Claus to the Three Wise Men and that can be found in department stores such as El Corte Inglés. You can not forget either the red beads and beads which may be linked in the fences or columns. In the same way, the Christmas decoration in the garden can be completed with artificial snowmen of sale in the English Court for a price of about ten euros approximately each unit.

For those who can not resist decorating the windows with the snow spray They can choose between several templates that offer the most popular establishments at Christmas such as shopping centers or department stores such as the Fnac. Also a very entertaining variety for the whole family will be place balls of Christmas of different sizes and colors in the windows so they can be seen from the outside.

Christmas decorations in the garden

Christmas decorations from Penicuik Silverband

Christmas decoration in the garden

Garden lighting by Instructables

Anyway there are thousands of possible original ornaments like these luminous nests that can be made manually acquiring the nests on the one hand - for sale in pet shops and DIY stores - and buying the Christmas lights on the other hand.
Christmas evening in the garden with the family
Tradition dictates in the gifts, the type of delicacies that will be tasted or the carols. However, times are modernizing and the old Christmas Eve in the living room of the house in front of the television have passed to a better life. For this reason, many families that have a house with a garden opt for a Christmas decoration on the outdoor table . The advantages of opting for it are unquestionable.

First, it is an open space so you can play music, move freely and the little ones can play without getting bored at any time. Secondly, the dishes can either be made in the kitchen and then taken to the table, or alternatively create a more popular alternative (buffet or barbecue). In third and last place, the evening will be very special when on New Year's Eve all the diners meet with the grapes ready to devour them to the sound of the chimes, on the radio! This will be a truly classic touch for an innovative dinner.

Christmas decoration of the garden for dinner

Christmas dinner in the garden of style and decoration.
A dinner model would be in which the lighting prevailed using lamps placed at some point of close support as the tree that appears in the image on the right. In the event that this is not possible it would be necessary to place an awning on the table - very useful - to be able to hang lights or lamps around. An imaginative touch would give it a centerpiece with red tones filled with Christmas balls and candies as well as a large red bow that would adorn in addition to delight the children there. For the rest of Christmas decoration in the garden the imagination can be combined with the elegance of combining red and white, two star colors of winter festivities that never go out of style.
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