Christmas decoration in retro style

In this article we show you a clear example of Christmas decoration perfectly integrated into the style of housing . This stately apartment that retains its old hydraulic flooring, the moldings, frames and antique doors is decorated in a clear retro style .

Christmas retro style 1

The Christmas decoration is so well achieved that we can hardly differentiate it from the rest of the decoration. You have to pay a little attention to notice the Christmas details.

Christmas retro style 2

The tree and the crown hanging on the glass of the door plus some small detail we discover the Christmas decoration of this room. Here we can appreciate to perfection that the Christmas decoration should not be something artificial, an annoying glob that damages the eye.

Christmas retro style 3

Christmas retro style 4

Christmas retro style 5

It is better to discover little by little the small details that transmit us the time of year in which we live. Subtle accents rather than grotesque brushstrokes.

Christmas retro style 6

Christmas retro style 7

Isolated details scattered throughout the room tell us about Christmas, softly and without shrillness. We can have our house decorated in any style that we can always integrate Christmas details with style and elegance.

Christmas retro style 8

Christmas retro style 9

The truth is that these images induce trying to find the Christmas details among the different elements that make up the decoration of each of the rooms of this house. At first glance it's hard to find them.

Christmas retro style 10

Christmas retro style 11

Christmas retro style 12

I believe that the images of this apartment can convince even the most reluctant to mount Christmas decorations at home. Whatever the decorative style of your home, you can always include Christmas touches so that your home looks splendid during these upcoming festivities.


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