Christmas decoration in a Scandinavian house

A house located in Sweden overlooking Lake Siljan, in the Dalarna region, right in the geographical center of the country. The house is decorated in Scandinavian style with different references to industrial, rustic and vintage. In short, a house to the last in terms of decorative trends is concerned. Well, despite that, the house has a nice but discreet presence of Christmas decorative elements .

Christmas decoration 1

In the living room the northern light pours in through the large windows. The roof and the floor in wood, textile rugs and some skins to give warmth to the whole.

Christmas decoration 2

A large wooden table with benches occupies the dining area. Many candles adorn the entire length of the table. Two lamps with white cloth screens hang from the ceiling.

Christmas decoration 3

Charming corner decorated with an aged leather armchair and metal structure. On the auxiliary table a pot with a small fir makes the Christmas reference.

Christmas decoration 4

Coffee tables made with pallets are already a decorative trend. Above them a collection of small and schematic Christmas trees . Fine styling for the decoration of the next festivities in an environment so focused on the latest decorative trends.

Christmas decoration 5

A simple and lonely branch of conifer is a declaration of principles in this well-coordinated environment. Built with great precision and meticulousness to reflect the most current fashion in interior design.

Christmas decoration 6

The kitchen of the house is point and apart, two areas have been created, in one an old iron kitchen has been maintained. In the corner on the right, a home has also been maintained. The Christmas decoration It has been made with leaves and branches of conifers that surround the chimney.

Christmas decoration 7

A thin and straight spruce in a flowerpot occupies a prominent place next to the beautiful white piece of furniture decorated with black letters. On the furniture a collection of old glass bottles complement the decor of this Scandinavian house.

Christmas decoration 8

The entrance to the house has also been decorated for Christmas, two fine crowns hang from it and next to it a set of lanterns. On the left a juniper arranged in a bleached zinc pot as a Christmas tree tops the Christmas decoration of this house decorated in Scandinavian style .


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