Christmas decoration: ideas for your living room

Let Christmas invade your living room. The customs and Nordic details invade us, enjoy them and renew our home !.

Christmas decoration ideas for your living room1g

Idea 1 : place the Christmas tree next to the fireplace. Undoubtedly, it is the best place to place the tree and the gifts. But if there are small children at home, you can recreate it with some lights between the trunks. Thus, without having to take risks, you maintain the charm. Approximate prices: Fir (€ 82); lights (€ 41/10 m); mice (€ 9.5 / 2 pcs); teddy bears (from € 11/2 pcs) and socks (from € 4/2).

Christmas decoration ideas for your living room2g

Idea 2 : use Christmas upholstery You can take advantage of the parties and reupholster your seats with some festive fabric. The fabrics used here are from the Brisa collection, from the Happy Textiles line by Gancedo; both in 2.80 meters wide: that of the chair (€ 109 / m) and in that of the screen (€ 92 / m).

Christmas decoration ideas for your living room3g

Idea 3 : rustic style very Christmas. Evoking the alpine cabins of the ski resorts, the firm Laura Ashley recreates a cozy Christmas corner of rustic chic air. Boxes decorated with fir trees (€ 56/3 units); Coleby model armchair and sun mirror Constellation model (350 €).

Christmas decoration ideas for your living room4g

Idea 4 : different and original christmas tree. The original bare branches with snowflakes and the star garland achieve a very special festive touch simulating a Christmas tree. Luminous Christmas decorations, similar in Los Peñotes, Leroy Merlin and in the Casa stores.

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