Christmas centerpieces

The holidays are approaching and we are already thinking about how to dress our house for the occasion. But on special days we want the table to look better than ever since it is where family and friends meet these days. The whole has to be magnificent but everything is conditioned by the centerpiece that we are going to choose, because this piece will be the protagonist.

Whether you decide to buy it or if you decide to do it yourself you can see a series of examples to guide you and help you get an idea of ​​what you are looking for those special lunches and dinners.

Christmas centerpiece 1

This center combines high chandeliers with small floral centers. When choosing the candles the best colors for these holidays would be silver, gold, black, white, red and even an emerald green. It serves as much for Christmas Eve as to say goodbye to the year.

Christmas centerpiece 2

Christmas centerpiece 3

This simple and attractive center is very easy to make, since it is composed of a candle surrounded at the base by poinsettias. You can find these materials anywhere and there is a very nice and elegant result as you can see.

Christmas centerpiece 4

Another very simple and elegant floral center is this one. A fountain with a ribbon tied at the base and full of carnations, which can be replaced by any other flower such as Easter. It is ideal for the Christmas meal.

Christmas centerpiece 5

This natural center aims to combine silver and gold. The lemons do not have to be fresh to change to a more coppery-golden color.

Christmas centerpiece 6

Combination of glass or transparent plastic cups with balls of gold and silver.

Remember that the centers with candles are only convenient for the night.

I advise you that on Christmas Eve and Christmas, red predominates and on New Year's Eve and New Year gold and silver.

Happy Holidays!

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