Christmas bathed in silver

The silver color It is one of the most characteristic of the Christmas season. It is present in the centerpieces with which we decorate the meals of this stage of the year, in the accessories with which we decorate the tree and in another series of Christmas decorations so common. With this tone the Christmas It will look with a different shade, magical as always, but with a special brightness.

Christmas decoration in silver 1

The silver strips on the tree are a classic that never goes out of style. Christmas balls, walnuts and hazelnuts painted in this tone for the centers, hanging stars, spray-coated pineapples ... all this will help to form beautiful prints like the ones we see in the images.

Christmas decoration in silver 2


A good assortment of silver ornaments can not miss the mass. A majestic color, special for those important dates when we meet with family and friends. The table will shine in a special way with those touches in bright gray, with simplicity and harmony.

Christmas decoration in silver 4

It resorts to the silver sprays specially designed for these holidays. They sell them in many gift and DIY stores and they will facilitate this work. Give a layer to the Christmas decorations is super simple, you just have to sprinkle with the spray on the object and then let it dry. We can also buy the ornaments already painted in this color, of course. Complete with glasses, napkin ring and cutlery in gray or blue, you will have a Christmas decoration out of the ordinary.

Christmas decoration in silver 5

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