Christmas articles 2010 by Ikea

For those who are finalizing details in the decor of the home for Christmas and New Year, we leave you some convenient and beautiful ideas of Ikea.
This Christmas 2010 have a wide variety of products and accessories for home decoration that are worth seeing and buying. You can have beautiful details without spending a lot of money.

Handmade Christmas decorations. Price € 7.99.

Handmade Christmas decorations. Price: € 7.99.
Decorative LED lighting, consume approximately 70% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Price: € 49.95.

Beautiful candles with decorated glass bowl. Price € 2.99

Beautiful candles with decorated glass bowl. Price: € 2.99.
Colorful Christmas socks. Price: € 2.99.
Decoration with balls, with cord to hang. They are resistant, they do not break if they fall to the ground. Price for 8 units: € 3.99.
Decoration with reindeer, with cord to hang. Price for 4 units: € 1.99.
Decoration with gift packages, with hanging cord: Price for 6 units: € 1.99.
Handmade hearts. Price: € 6.99.
Decorative napkin holders Price: € 1.99.
Trays to serve, 2 heights. Price: € 9.99.
Star ornaments. Price for 4 units: € 5.99.
Paper napkins, 3 layers for greater absorption capacity. Price for 30 units: € 1.99.
Thick candles decorated. Price: € 1.99.
LED table lamps. Price: € 14.95.

Photos and Source: Ikea

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