Christmas arrangements with poinsettia

With this traditional plant Christmas We can make very nice and highly decorative arrangements. With the poinsettia, poinsettia, shepherd, federal star, crown of the Inca, euphorbia, poinsettia or its original name in the Nahuatl language Cuetlaxochitl Christmas floral arrangements are made that we present below.

Christmas floral arrangements 1

With the flowers of easter cut and placed in silver cups or jars can be elaborated an elegant and stately arrangement to arrange on a sideboard or on the mantelpiece. Aristocratic and opulent Christmas decoration where they are.

Christmas floral arrangements 2

As an original and striking centerpiece. Instead of arranging the poinsettias in containers they have been arranged overlaying the florist's foam block. Great decoration, a real wall of federal stars.

Christmas floral arrangements 3

This arrangement made with the colored buds of the poinsettia arranged on green spheres hanging from some dried and painted branches are a detail of good taste and style. Minimalist modernity in its purest form.

Christmas floral arrangements 4

In this majestic arrangement, the poinsettias cover an entire Christmas tree. Live, because the pots have been hidden inside the foliage of the tree.

Christmas floral arrangements 5

A winter decoration, shepherds interspersed with red berries and arranged on a vase with foot. Suitable as a centerpiece or to place on an auxiliary table.

Christmas floral arrangements 6

If your house is decorated in Scandinavian style, do not let it go, you can also make a nice arrangement with a white poinsettia arranged on a bed of icing sugar in the form of snow and all in a silver vase.

Christmas floral arrangements 7

The metallic containers take this Christmas, the contrast with the poinsettia is very interesting. And it is easy to find a solution if you do not have any of these containers, a can or a pot painted with a spray of silver paint or chrome finish and you will have the right container for this arrangement.

Christmas floral arrangements 8

The crown of the Inca, is the contrast that requires a Christmas wreath made with any arrangement of green branches.

Christmas floral arrangements 9

A natural arrangement, if we remove part of the soil from the pot of our plant and fill the hole with red apples we will have a very original and naturalistic-looking arrangement.

Christmas floral arrangements 10

With the poinsettia "Mini Star" in your small pot and placed inside a coffee cup we can decorate each one of the table locations. In addition, our guests will have a small Christmas gift. If we do not find this variety, we can elaborate the decoration with a bud of poinsettia.


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