Christmas accessories: glass markers

The end of the year parties are approaching and we have to think about the details for those special nights. What decoration we will put at home, what we will prepare to eat, what will surprise our guests.

Christmas accessories drink marker

That is why today we bring you an idea, a detail, original and very practical: cup markers .

Whenever we have many guests at home, added to the bubbles of champagne, the glasses end up getting confused. This Christmas accessory is the solution to this problem.
These cup markers are very easy to place and are not expensive at all. They are also made of metal, so they can be washed and reused next year.
They come in different reasons such as: snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen, Christmas boots, stars and reindeer.
All you have to do is give one to each of your guests or place it next to the cutlery or napkins so that everyone places it in their glass.


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