Choosing the curtains of your home

For many people, when it comes to furnishing the house, what is most difficult is the choice of curtains. Normally, you opt for one style or another based on the chosen furniture, but within each decorative style, we can choose between different models of curtains, regardless of the chosen furniture.

Curtains style 1

If in our home what we want to give is a classic and conservative image, we will choose a curtain curtain with a classic skirt and pleats, however, we can also walk along the same line when choosing a curtain curtain, with a classic fall but without a skirt, which It will give a more current touch, but just as timeless.

Curtains style 2

Curtains style 3

In the same way, we can give our home a more modern look, simply by placing some Japanese panels. Having a line and straight fall, will give a very minimalist touch to the room where you put them.

Japanese panel 1

Japanese panel 2

If you want to give them a touch more classic, you can place on both sides of these a side curtains fallen, and give the warm touch you're looking for.

Blinds style 1

Blinds style 2

Without on the contrary, you do not like the fall of the curtains or the hybrid aspect of the Japanese panels, in the market we can also find blinds. There are different types of this range in the market, and not all of them give the same touch or are of the same material. Among them, the most remarkable are the metallic blinds, which give a very modern and informal touch, and they are made in almost all colors, they are made of aluminum and they look good in any part of the house that you place them.

Blinds style 3

Foldable curtains 1

The curtain that you put at home is the one that will finish giving the set and what will define the style of your home. That is why it is important that you do not call attention too much, that they are of soft colors and of a fabric that lets the light pass when you need it.

Folding blinds 2

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