Choose the screen well

Shower curtains are something of the past, although they are a very economical solution to avoid leaving the bathroom full of water when showering, and few people choose this solution when creating their ideal bathroom. The truth is that where is a good shower screen let everything else be removed.

Choose the screen well

Beyond just fulfilling the function of preventing us from wetting the entire bathroom, the screens become a decorative element more to which we can give our personal touch. To choose the type that we like the best, we have to take into account some simple aspects:

  • Practicality: It is the first thing that we must take into account, in counterpoint to the transparent glass screens that look beautiful and make our bathroom gain visual space, we must think that they will need a constant cleaning so that they are really good.
  • Security: We must choose those that in case of accidental breakage do not shatter to avoid accidents.
  • Location and form: Another strong point to take into account, it will determine the type of screen that we must place. Analyze the possibilities of the space to locate the entrance and the type of door to be used.

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