Choose the focal point in the living room

Choosing the focal point of your living room can be a challenge. You have a living room mounted with your sofa, your television with the corresponding technological entertainment accessories, tables, chairs and other furniture. And if you plan to redesign your living room by creating a focal point you do not need to change much, just focus on choosing the focal point.

How to choose the focal point in the room

Let's see the possibilities with which we have to choose our focal point. In the living room the three main focal points possible are:

  • Fireplace

When we have a fireplace in our living room, this can be the focal point. The fireplace when it has the fire turned automatically becomes a point of inescapable attraction. But we can use it all year round as a point of attraction, in winter logically with fire and in summer placing candles on the mantel, if you have it or inside if it is a modern fireplace with straight lines. Another way to attract the look to the fireplace is by placing wallpaper or some type of image on the wall that covers the shot. The shelf gives a lot of game because in it we can have different decorations, although trying to be simple and do not divert attention from the focal point, which is the fireplace.

  • A window with views

If you are lucky enough to have a large window or a window with beautiful views, you already have another possibility to create a focal point. Although this is actually on the outside of your living room. One way of attracting the gaze to that area consists of the arrangement of a reading area located at the foot of the window. With a rug located at the foot of the window and some armchairs around will be delimiting that area and turning the views into the focal point of your living room.

  • A comfortable focal point

If you want to create a focal point that highlights the comfort of your living room you will have to focus on the sofa. This is the representative element of the comfort par excellence, except for those few times when reality exceeds the image, how many beautiful sofas are after torture traps that destroy our bones. So choose a good and comfortable sofa in neutral tones that you can decorate with colorful elements, pillows, blankets ... and if you already have that blessed sofa, but you are tired of its color, you can change its appearance with a more cheerful color cover , current, brilliant or that you simply like more at this time. A carpet at the foot of the sofa will help to delimit the rest area and focus on it.


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