Choose the color of the paint with professional criteria

Choosing the color of the painting is a challenge, but it is also one of the most satisfying aspects of the decoration. It is important to choose the colors that reflect your personality and set the tone of the decoration of a room. So choose colors depending on what you like, what makes you happy and helps you relax. If you like bright colors, decant by bright colors, very saturated, if you prefer to create a more relaxing environment, a neutral color will be the best decision.

Selection of paint color

Emotions and color:

  • Red is the color of passion, romance and energy, while pink and other pastel shades are more relaxing.
  • Orange is a color that is very fashionable, combined with brown brings an exotic touch to the decoration. Combined with blue, its complementary color provides a sense of balance.
  • The yellow palette ranges from butter color to ocher. The bright yellows encourage dynamism and are ideal for the kitchen or a game room. The muted tones are ideal for bedrooms.
  • The greens, depending on their intensity, can act as warm or cold colors and combine with a wide range of colors. Some specialists discourage some shades of green in the kitchen and dining room because they can distort the color of the food.
  • Light blues are relaxing and can create a serene atmosphere in a bathroom for example. An intense blue can create a vibrant atmosphere in a Provencal style kitchen.

Color test:

Once the color has been decided or at least reduced the scope of choice, ask for samples in your paint shop to test how the chosen colors are. You can paint a piece of plaster or wood and go comparing on the area to be painted. If you have it quite clear you can paint even a small portion of the wall that is not too visible. Some manufacturers provide panels with the colors they sell that you can fix on the wall to be painted and thus analyze the effect better.

Final tips:

  • If you doubt between a light tone and a darker one, always decide for the darkest one. The light tones are always more lackluster, an intense color is always richer.
  • To help you in your choice always compare the samples of the color you are going to paint with the furniture in the room. It is a test that will clarify the election enormously.


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