Choose a sofa: the theme !!

The secret of buying a sofa is in the choice of materials. Noble woods, comfortable seats, are a true bet on quality.


The aesthetic, will play a preponderant role. Among the fundamental factors, we find the stuffed frame and the seats. Three items to avoid mistakes.
It is one of the components that define the quality of the sofa. It is a condition that the wood chosen is not wet. The different materials can be:
  • Pine: It is a clear wood, with pronounced veins. According to the quality, it will have smaller or greater number of knots. The best is selected pine.
  • Eucalyptus: It is an intermediate wood, neither very hard nor very soft. It is of good quality, ideal for making sofas resistant and durable.
  • Saligna: It is a variety of eucalyptus. It is very resistant and does not have streaks. It is not recommended for terminations but only to arm the skeleton.
  • Poplar: It is very spongy and the bald ones loosen. It is the wood of the fruit drawers. It's not advisable.
  • Agglomerated and multilaminated: Material used for series productions. They are usually used for modern sofas.
  • Cedar: It is a noble wood, very smooth and reddish. c It is not justified to use it as a skeleton but for wooden work in sight.
The best leathers for upholstering a sofa are those that are 2 mm thick on the entire surface. They are exceptional to the touch due to their thickness and texture. These creations highlight the seams, that is why the choice of thread is a vital element in the creation of an exclusive sofa.
One of the most sophisticated is the duvet. Its history goes back to the times when the duvet hunters hoped that the mother goose will finish building her nest with the feathers of her chest, to steal it. With them they made the best cushions of the time and sold them very expensive. It is the most required, most expensive and most comfortable material.
The middle duvet is a second choice of these feathers. Without being expensive, like the pure duvet, it is one of the best fillings. It is advisable to use a lot of material because if it is not flattened with the use.
  • Polyester: There are several qualities and densities. The densest is hoop, and it is advisable for iron furniture cushions.
  • Soft: It is a synthetic material very soft to the touch. It is very elastic and with a very long lifespan. Ideal for those who like rigid cushions.
  • Feather of chicken: It must be selected so that there are no long canutos. A pillow filled with these feathers is very heavy and is flat with use, so it is necessary to mix it with 30% polyester. This filling is the most conventional. Yes, the cover must be very good.
  • Fleece: There are two varieties of this material. The common and the siliconed. Both are antiallergic. With use they are flattened, therefore it is convenient to mix it.


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