Children's rooms to dream

Fantasy is a component that should never be missing in the childhood of every child. In this article we bring you some ideas to recreate your favorite themes in children's bedrooms. Some require an investment that is perhaps too high but we can always adapt the ideas to our particular budgets. Sure your children have a favorite theme and it would be a good idea to introduce, if only some allusions, your favorite stories in the decoration of your room.

Dream children's bedrooms 1

This very complete room is easy to guess its theme, Cinderella is the queen of the place. Maybe it's excessive, especially get a bed-carriage like that, but you can always introduce some element allusive to the story. Even if it's just the mice.

Dreamlike children's bedrooms 2

The Princess Swan is another story that tends to please girls, especially in the modern version of the favorite doll of the little ones, the Barbie. A swan bed like the one in the picture above will surely exceed the possibilities of any current budget, but it's pretty.

Dream children's bedrooms 3

This room set in the story of Alice in Wonderland is charming. There are many elements of easy reproduction that also create a modern air decor. An idea to keep in mind, if your little ones like it.

Dream children's bedrooms 4

The Little Mermaid is a theme that will delight girls. The mural in this case is very complex but you can always resort to more modest solutions.

Dream children's bedrooms 5

Jack and the magic beans inspire this decoration. A quite affordable solution that is based mainly on the painting of the walls.

Dream children's bedrooms 6

Aladdin is a very particular theme, the rich chromatic variation creates very lively spaces that will enchant our little princesses.

Dream children's bedrooms 7

Another theme that can be reproduced with paint and some decorative elements, Shrek, the little ones will feel living in a forest cabin, the dream of any child at any time.

Dream children's bedrooms 8

Recreate a space based on Pinocchio can be valid for both boys and girls and there is plenty to choose from. It can also be adapted to any budget. There is a lot to choose from but it will be our little ones who should inspire us to know where to start. Remember that the tastes of children are usually very fickle, sometimes even change favorites without us realizing, attentive to that data before starting anything. And adapt to your possibilities, in most cases the simplest is usually the most beautiful.


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