Children's rooms in retro style

The "mid-century" style What Anglo-Saxons say is being imposed on all areas of life, in the world of fashion and decoration are already undeniable realities. On this occasion we will see a few examples of children's rooms in retro style that do not leave anyone indifferent.


Whether it's a room for a newborn or a child of any age, the retro style offers many possibilities to create practical and very elegant environments.


It is not so much a matter of recreating past times as of taking advantage of the innumerable genius that occurred in those golden years of interior design that were lived in the middle of the last century. In these two rooms for babies are some elements but the most remarkable are the splendid lamps, very retro.



These solutions for children or young people are very simple but very beautiful and elegant. The retro style offers us minimalist air furniture but with a great practical aspect.



It is relatively easy to find some furniture typical of the time in question, whether it is searching the family lofts as markets and second-hand shops.



A part that now the industry, which does not lose rope, has put on the market modern reissues of those furniture of yesteryear.



The wood finishes remind us more of the 50s and the use of color takes us a little further, at 60 or so. The truth is that you can opt for one or another way of understanding the retro style without problem or even combine ideas of both.


The environment can be neutral or colored, although generally the neutral tone is preferred and the prominence is given to the magnificent furniture and decorative objects that preserve all the retro flavor.



Furniture and decorative objects become the main protagonists and you can find really insurmountable things. Let's not forget that we are talking about the decades in which almost all the classic icons of interior design shone.


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