Children's rooms and growth

The decoration of a children's room can be done for a few years and change it as the children grow, but it can also be done with a certain foresight of the future and with a prudent use of time and money. The keys to the creation of a permanent design can be found in the selection of the color palette, avoiding costly thematic decorations and in the investment in objects, furniture, art, accessories, that your children will want to take with them when they become independent. Here are some tips on how to create a room for your children that lasts during adolescence and beyond.

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One of the smartest decisions you can make when decorating a baby or toddler's room is to choose furniture that is built to last and serve multiple functions, such as a crib that transforms into a bed or combinations of Bed and desk that save a lot of space. There are furniture manufacturers that in recent years have specialized heavily in this type of furniture and have a wide range.

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You can give a cheerful and friendly atmosphere to the children's room incorporating whimsical touches, such as animal or nature motifs but avoid the thematic decorations fruit of marketing. Instead, encourage the interests of your children with accessories and small, simple objects that can be exchanged as their tastes change.

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The choice of a color palette is one of the keys to the design of an adaptable children's room. Although the painting can be updated with a minimum cost and effort, selecting colors that correspond to a greater age will make the decoration last longer. Reds, oranges and greens are cheerful and with less gender stereotypes than blue and pink, while a relaxing neutral background can be easily accommodated by changing color accents in the form of toys, bedding and other objects of daily life.

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Child-sized furniture, such as Louis Ghost miniature chairs and school-period desks, are lovely accessories in a play area, but keep in mind that the pieces have a shelf life and will have to be stored or sold once their children grow up If you are looking for furniture that will serve you longer, consider buying an adjustable height table or a long floating shelf used as a desk that can be raised when necessary.

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Good furniture and quality pieces will teach your children to appreciate, care for and live among beautiful things from an early age. Cabinets and shelves functional and not merely decorative will last throughout the growth of your children. And we must always reserve a space for them to develop their personality, their sense of aesthetics and to be adaptable during the different phases of their development.


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