Charming patios in Moroccan style

Morocco is a country located in the North of Africa and that has coasts to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean besides a rich and mountainous interior. This peculiar geographical situation also gives it a special character that is reflected in its architecture and ornamental arts that differentiate it from the typical oriental styles. The Moroccan decorative style is basically characterized by the use of rich fabrics that are used in canopies, cushions and carpets; the low tables and the very ornate lamps.

Moroccan style patios 1

Of course we can not talk about a Moroccan-style type or rather that the Moroccan decorative style has different aspects. The clearest and most obvious difference is the typical ornamentation of stately homes and palaces and the popular one.

Moroccan style patios 2

The elegant and colorful style of large houses can only be achieved with an expensive investment. Expensive furniture upholstered with silk fabrics, a huge interior space with fountains and ponds and an eclectic mix of the most exquisite of the Arab and European world.

Moroccan style patios 3

But we must not forget that Morocco is a Mediterranean country, as well as Atlantic and therefore shares many aspects in its ornamentation with the other countries of the Mediterranean basin.

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The stone, the whitewashed walls, the natural materials such as wood and vegetable fibers play a predominant role in the Moroccan style of rural air. It is a conception very similar to any other Mediterranean country but with the special touches of rich brocades and soft fabrics.

Moroccan style patios 5

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The Moroccan style is also indebted to the way of understanding the patio or garden that the ancient Arabs left them. That idea of ​​creating a small oasis or inner paradise in which to rest and cool off from the overwhelming external heat.

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Moroccan style patios 8

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As you can see there are many ways of conceiving a patio in Moroccan style and in all of them we always find fabrics as a reference. Curtains, baldaquins, cushions and rugs on patterned or embroidered fabrics can not be left out in a Moroccan-style patio.

Moroccan style courtyards 11

Moroccan style courtyards 12

Moroccan style courtyards 13

If we want to go a step further, we can not avoid typical Arabic tiles with their geometric shapes and in which white and blue predominate. The typical Arab arches will also be an architectural element that will help considerably to create that exotic air we are looking for.

Moroccan style patios 14

Moroccan style patios 15

It can be a good job to create a Moroccan style decoration but it is up to us to see how far we want to go. The truth is that with little budget and space you can also create beautiful Moroccan style courtyards without leaving your wallet in the attempt.

Moroccan style patios 16

A Moroccan style patio can be as elegant and sophisticated as the one we can see in the upper image with its geometric design tiles that cover half the wall and the beautiful ceiling lamp.

Moroccan style patios 17

Or as simple as this other example with its rustic pergola with untreated wood and the hurdle to filter the sun. In addition to beautiful white and pink fabrics that combined with the white background convey a fresh, cozy and very natural.


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