Centerpieces with oriental inspiration

More and more lovers of feng shui , oriental philosophy applied with great success to lifestyle and decoration. This time we bring you ideas to decorate centerpieces with oriental inspiration, full of symbolism and balance.

Oriental centerpieces 1

In this first proposal most of the elements of nature are present: water, fire (represented by the candle) and earth (represented by the leaf and stones). All this must be arranged on a tray, which, if we want to follow the indications of feng shui literally, must be made of silver or wood.

Oriental centerpieces 2

In this other model we find a black plate, in whose interior cherry blossoms and candles have been placed, surrounding a small Chinese lamp. It results in a centerpiece of great beauty.

Oriental table centers 3

Here flowers have been used again, this time on transparent gems, and candles on the surface. The result is excellent.

Oriental table centers 4

We can also organize centerpieces with pebbles, bamboo trunks and a round, white candle, as well as the zen-style mini-gardens.

Oriental table centers 5

With very few elements, you can make great centers, like this one that pretends to be a mini-pond: first, we put a bed of white stones and small flowers inside a glass container. We fill it with water and let a few candles float on it. It looks really nice

Oriental table centers 6

Flowers, earth, water, candles and stones are the most common elements of these centers, to which you can add more personalized details, to give them a much more original appearance, with your own stamp. For example, you can add red rose petals, use candles with different shapes (animals or flowers), colored pebbles, smooth black stones, Chinese lanterns, water lily leaves ... whatever your imagination suggests. Your meals, dinners and meetings will earn points and will be full of harmony and beauty.

Oriental centerpieces 7

Oriental centerpieces 8


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