Centerpieces with bird cages

Those who love to organize weddings or decorate romantic celebrations, such as anniversaries and other dates, know that one of the most talked about ideas in this world is to use bird cages as a decorative element for centerpieces

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The great romanticism that these fragile accessories give off is undoubted. Their characteristic beauty turns them into genuine objects to use as centerpieces, either decorating them with flowers and plants, or using other designs.

Centerpieces with cages 2

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As we mentioned, the cages are gaining more and more followers when it comes to decorating outdoor tables for weddings and events of this theme. In this sense, decorating a small cage with roses, adding moss inside or placing vines between its bars is the most common and usual. We can also add some candle to illuminate from the inside (always very carefully) if the event is held at night. The cage will look spectacular, with an impeccable and amazing decoration.

Centerpieces with cages 4

Centerpieces with cages 5

The best way to build centers of this type is to use cages of small or medium size. Those of white color are usually the most used, since this is the color that is associated with the world of weddings, but other colors such as turquoise blue or pink can fill the table with attractiveness.

Centerpieces with cages 6

Finally, see how, if it is a floral center, the flowers can be placed inside the cage or outside, building magnificent branches that crown the surface of these beautiful cages. Whatever the mode you choose, surely your decoration will amaze everyone equally, the guests and, of course, the protagonists of the celebration.

Centerpieces with cages 7

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