Ceiling lamps

There are many who often, when entering to live in a house, the last thing that you leave to place are the ceiling lamps, because almost everyone is what more complicated you are to choose and hit. The choice is simple. It will depend on the height of the ceiling, where the points of light are placed, whether we are going to place a false ceiling or not, and of course the decoration that we want to give to our stay.

As always the dilemma is in the room, today we are going to focus on lamps for this room. If we have the points of light well placed on the dining table, or on the coffee table or in any corner of the room, and our ceilings are also high (minimum 250cms), we can place hanging ceiling lamps.

Ceiling lights 1

If we have the ceiling less than this height, but we like hanging type, the ideal is that we use very light aesthetic lamps, and shorten the hanging cable.

Ceiling lights 2

Ceiling lights 3

If what we are looking for is more classic style, we will follow the same rules, but with lamps of this style. In the market we can find a diversity of models of rustic styles or renewed classics.

Ceiling lights 4

Ceiling lights 5

On the other hand, if the home to be decorated is of a more natural or colonial style, there are bamboo lamps, wood or even recycled paper in the market. The use of natural materials in these elements will give a touch of harmony and warmth to the room.

Ceiling lights 6

Ceiling lights 7

Ceiling lights 8

Finally, it is necessary to name the ceilings or ceiling sconces. These will be used in the case that we have low ceilings, rooms that are too small, if we have the points of light displaced from the table areas or when we simply like them. We will find them of all styles, shapes and colors.

Ceiling lights 9

Ceiling lamps 10

Ceiling lights 11

And to name, we have the famous halogens or recessed lights. They will be feasible to place, especially if we have false plaster or plasterboard ceiling. You can place them in a decorative way and it is the solution that is the cleanest and most spacious. Even more if the room to be illuminated does not have many meters!

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