Casa Meera the ecological house

The Casa Meera , designed by Guz Architects , is an ecological house in which nature makes its way in an incredible way. It is located on the island of Sentosa, in Singapore, and stands out for its impressive green terrace formed by different levels. A natural garden of exuberant beauty that benefits the rest of the house, because thanks to this green roof, thermal insulation is favored.

The ecological house 1

The house, whose personal silhouette is appreciated from several kilometers around, is built in a luxury urbanization and receives spectacular views towards the sea. Its green roof, where palm trees grow and other vegetation, enhances the greenhouse effect, absorbing light and then transforming it into energy, which is distributed to the rest of the house, regulating and maintaining the internal temperature in this way.

The ecological house 2

The ecological house 3

The ecological house 4

The ecological house 5

In the interior wood predominates. Spaces bright and clear, and a long staircase with a modernist finish that connects the different heights.

The ecological house 6

It contains an indoor pool, whose external glass allows you to see the house inside. An architectural marvel where luxury and comfort reach a new concept.

The ecological house 7

The ecological house 8

An opening in the ceiling allows light to enter and influence the lush vegetation of your patio. It rises on a beautiful pond. More than a house, this is a work of art that takes nature as its main source of inspiration.

The ecological house 9

The ecological house 10

The ecological house 11


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