"Casa Lola", a beautiful tropical villa in Brazil

"Casa Lola" is a villa built in 2010 in Trancoso, a fishing village located in the state of Bahia (Brazil). It is a beautiful little house designed in a rustic-bohemian style chic and surrounded by a quiet natural landscape. In this house, as we are going to see, we can see a successful combination of three elements: wood, cement and glass.

Brazilian tropical villa 1

The house is divided into two buildings: the main house and the cottage. The first has two heights and in it are the main rooms: kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace, living room, bathroom, laundry room and two bedrooms (these are in the upper part).

Brazilian tropical villa 2

Brazilian tropical villa 3

The cabin, on the other hand, is equipped with a small bedroom and a bathroom. Here we see it, with a direct entrance next to the garden and the pool:

Brazilian tropical villa 4

Inside the house the environments are defined by their sober and natural style, full of ethnic elements and a comfortable and simple wooden furniture.

Brazilian tropical villa 5

The wood furnishes the interior of this paradisiacal villa and helps create a harmonious space where you can find all kinds of antique furniture. The final set is a stage where the word stillness becomes possible, it is the dream place to rest.

As we can see, they are open spaces, decorated with small ethnic touches and with a very determined taste for craftsmanship, for the low beds and at the foot of the swimming pool, the bareness of the floors, the tranquility of the spaces, the absolute rest.

Brazilian tropical villa 6

A residence where the maximum luxury is this environment created of absolute placidity, a house built next to the ocean, which is only a few minutes away on foot.

Brazilian tropical villa 7

Photos: casalolatrancoso.com

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