Casa Cor, a sustainable loft in Brasilia

In 2010, the Brazilian architect Beta Pollis devised the Cor House , built in Brasilia as a sustainable loft. Luxurious ambience, stands out as a concept of housing concerned about the environment, which benefits from the latest technology in a clean and efficient way thanks to low consumption systems, recycled materials and reuse of resources. Also in the garden, which includes Japanese cultivation technology, we can find a plot dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables, something that can not be missing in any house considered self-sufficient. Let's know more about this incredible house, with which we have all dreamed once.

A sustainable design loft 1

Both the exterior of this house and the interior stand out for their comfort, beauty and harmonious proportions. It is a house in which space and light have been given priority. The facade has been built on stone, combined with wood and glass and highlighting the doors masonry closures. The windows of the windows include protection against ultraviolet rays. Inside, exotic palm trees make their way between the stylish furniture and the marble floor. The interior vegetation is maintained thanks to an automatic irrigation system that recycles water from the air conditioning itself. It is not the only system for water use: the shower and the toilets use the rain water itself through a collection and storage system.

In terms of lighting, the huge skylights allow the entry of natural light, flooding the interior with it. Regarding furniture, a casual style stands out, with classic materials such as wicker or wood, in beige tones and creams with some colorful detail that creates warmth and vivacity to a quiet environment, with simple and harmonious lines.

A sustainable design loft 2

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