Carpets to play

You are looking for how to combine decor and a space for your children to play? The carpets of the firm Danishbydesign They are the ideals.

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These incredible designs will allow you to combine originality, a game space and innovative decoration.
The carpets of Danishbydesign , are designed exclusively for the little ones. Their designs of city streets, houses, farms and games together with the integration of relief and the great variety of colors make them ideal for hours of games for your little ones and their friends.
These rugs have the essential characteristics that ensure your little ones to the fullest. They are anti-flammable, anti-allergic, anti-static, and comply with all safety requirements.
They are like big game boards. You can locate the different designs in different corners of your home. In this way the little ones will always be entertained.
The sizes in which they are presented are: 100 and 134 x 150 cm x 200 cm.

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Source: danishbydesign

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